User agreement with the exchange resource

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Agreement defines the conditions for the provision of a conversion platform of services.

1.2. A conversion platform refers to the web resource, whose functions include the exchange of electronic and digital monetary units.

1.3. Clients are considered individual citizens and enterprises who have expressed their intention to carry out an exchange operation through a conversion platform (hereinafter the Platform).

1.4. When the Platform and the Client are jointly mentioned, they are referred to as the Parties.

1.5. The parties agreed that this electronic Agreement has the force of an agreement in writing.

1.6. This Agreement is a public offer accepted through the execution of a conversion application on the web resource.


2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The services provided by the Platform are given in clause 4. The procedure for their provision is provided for by the Regulations, the procedure of which is described in clause 5. The client is obliged to fulfill the conditions of clause 9.

2.2. Conversion services are paid. The client who exchanged via the Platform must pay the appropriate fee.


3. Mutual obligations of the Parties

3.1. The platform is committed to:
3.1.1. Convert, under the conditions described in the Regulations, the title marks of such EPS as Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Payeer and OKPAY.

3.1.2. Provide the Client with access to information regarding the working conditions of the Platform, as well as technical support for conversion operations.

3.1.3. To guarantee the confidentiality of data on conversion operations, including their amount and lead time. The relevant data is available only to the Client who completed the transfer. If an anonymous resource was involved in its implementation, the transaction acquires the status of "Confidential" and information about it is not subject to disclosure.

3.1.4. Restrict access by unauthorized persons to information about the conversion.

3.1.5. To provide Clients with discount services in cases indicated by the Regulations.

3.1.6. Transfer funds to the Client’s account within 24 hours after he has filed a complaint on the basis of clauses 3.2.5, 5.4-5.6 of this Agreement.

3.2. Customer agrees:
3.2.1. Provide information to the Platform operators for the transfer. Moreover, they must be complete and reliable.

3.2.2. Indicate a working E-mail for receiving messages from the Platform.

3.2.3. Connect to the network using specialized equipment.

3.2.4. Follow the terms of this document.

3.2.5. Notify the administration of cases of complete or partial non-performance of the transaction, as well as the occurrence of events provided for in paragraphs 5.4-5.6. The message must be sent within a month after the incident. If this condition is not met, then all disputed funds will become the property of the Platform.

3.2.6. Strictly comply with the regulatory requirements of the state within which it resides and the country to whose citizenship it belongs.

3.2.7. Fulfill the conditions of regulatory acts that govern the conditions for the implementation of conversion transactions on the Internet.

3.3. The platform is entitled to:
3.3.1. Suspend activities for technical work, as well as troubleshooting.

3.3.2. To stop the conversion, if the Client complains of fraud, this was requested by partners or demanded by employees of the competent authorities.

3.3.3. Independently establish the amount and procedure for providing discounts.

3.3.4. To approve and change the amount of commission for the implementation of conversion transactions.

3.3.5. Deny service to any Client without any explanation.

3.3.6. If an error was made during the operation, then the administration of the Platform has the right to require its confirmation by E-mail, cell phone or wallet screenshot.

3.3.7. To interrupt the dialogue with the Client, demonstrating inappropriate behavior, or if he refuses to provide the information necessary to complete the application.

3.3.8. Block the transfer in the event of a situation described in clauses 5.4.-5.6.

3.3.9. Block funds and do not return to the Client until his identity is verified.

3.3.10. In the event that the Client unjustly enriches the web resource or electronic third-party currency exchange services with electronic money, the website administration has the right to suspend the application until the reasons and all circumstances are clarified, as well as compensation for losses incurred by the Platform or other exchange services.

3.3.11. In case of payment later than the set time, as well as in the case of confirmation of the transaction for more than 30 minutes due to the sending of funds with a commission lower than recommended, the service has the right to convert the exchange rate.


4. List of services provided

4.1. The platform carries out conversion operations with the participation of electronic monetary units.

4.2. Among the Partners - banks according to the specified list.


5. The regulation of exchange transactions

5.1. Conversion is carried out after the receipt of money to the account of the Platform.

5.2. The exchange is considered completed after the transfer of funds to the details specified by the Client.

5.3. The client is not entitled to demand the cancellation of the initiated operation or the return of funds used in the conversion.

5.4. When the Client sends funds, the amount of which does not match the application, the Platform administration has the right to suspend the conversion and recalculate the final result of the application. In case of blocking the operation, the transfer is carried out only after the Client"s request, on the basis of clause 3.2.5. The conversion is made at the exchange rate in force at the time of its commencement.

5.5. If the Client has indicated an incorrect account number, the Platform does not perform the conversion. Refund is possible only after the Client"s request, on the basis of clause 3.2.5.

5.6. The Platform employees have the right to block the conversion operation if the payment was made from someone else"s account or the Client adjusted its amount. The money is returned after his appeal in the order of clause 3.2.5.

5.7. When carrying out a conversion operation involving Bitcoins, it is necessary to take into account the duration of the transfer, which takes from a quarter of an hour to several days. The Platform employees do not have the opportunity to reduce this period.

5.8 It is forbidden to use the exchange service for numerous exchanges in order to extract the final profit from the difference in the rates of this service. Otherwise, the platform has the right to cancel the conversion.

5.9 In any case, when a refund is made, a commission of 5% is withheld, except for paragraph 10.5.1.


6. Platform guarantees and liability of the Parties

6.1. Employees of the Platform are not responsible for errors made during the execution of the application or other errors of the Client when using the service. A transaction cannot be canceled even if the money was erroneously transferred to an unauthorized person.

6.2. The platform is not responsible for the safety of the Client’s equipment, due to which he carries out the conversion operation.

6.3. The platform is not responsible for the delay in conversion caused by the fault of credit institutions or EPS.

6.4. The platform does not accept liability for losses incurred by the Client due to a misconception about the profitability of the conversion.

6.5. The client bears all the costs of the conversion operation, if due to his mistakes it was delayed or canceled.

6.6. The client guarantees that he has the authority to manage the financial assets involved in the conversion.

6.7. If during the exchange transaction, damage was caused to third parties, then the obligation to compensate it falls on the Client. Damage is deducted from the amounts provided for the exchange.

6.8. The Client guarantees that using the Platform has reached the age of majority, in accordance with the legislation of the country where the Client is located.


7. Change of working order

7.1. The management of the Platform is entitled to amend the terms of the Agreement at any time. The updated edition is considered competent after its posting on the web resource.


8. Force Majeure

8.1. In the event of force majeure events, the Parties shall not be liable for failure to fulfill or improper performance of contractual obligations. Unforeseen circumstances include a terrorist act, a military conflict, a fire, a cyber attack, a flood, another type of natural disaster, a decision of the authorities, as well as a lack of access to energy, telecommunication networks, and the Internet.


9. The procedure for conversion operations

9.1. The Client is not entitled to use the functionality of the Platform for illegal transactions. The client is aware that he will be held liable for the conversion of doubtful funds. Responsibility occurs according to the norms of the state in whose jurisdiction there has been a violation.

9.2. If there was a conversion of doubtful funds, then the Platform reserves the right to inform the injured party, law enforcement agencies or EPS about this, at their request.

9.3. In order to carry out a conversion operation, the Client must transfer from the electronic wallet the required number of monetary units. Platform employees have no reason to verify the legality of their use. The client guarantees that he has the authority to use the money in the conversion process.

9.4. Bank transfer involves the use of electronic banking system EPS to ensure payment security.

9.5. The platform is not responsible for the conversion operation performed by third parties with the consent of the Client.

9.6. If the Client activates the option “I agree with the exchange rules”, then he expresses full acceptance of all the terms of the Agreement.


10. Client identification on the Platform

10.1. By using the services of the Platform, the Client agrees to undergo personal identification.

10.2. The Platform may request any personal data in any format and volume that the Platform deems necessary for full identification.

10.3. The Client agrees to the Platform to conduct the necessary research directly or through third parties to verify the identity or protect the Client and / or the Platform from financial crimes such as fraud. Such third parties may be KYC services and / or other systems, the Client does not limit the Platform in choosing such.

10.4 By going through the identification, the Client agrees to the Platform to conduct any research in relation to the Client that the Platform considers necessary. The Platform may engage a third party for this research at its discretion.

10.5. Using the services of the Platform, the Client agrees to AML verification of all online addresses from transactions carried out on the Platform.

10.5.1. The platform has the right to request the passage of the Client"s identification if the online address of the Client"s wallet participating in the exchange is associated with the following concepts:

  • Illegal Service;
  • Mixing Service;
  • Fraudulent Exchange;
  • Darknet Marketplace;
  • Darknet Service;
  • Ransom;
  • Scam;
  • Stolen Coins.

If the connection is established, then after the Client has been identified, the funds will be returned to the sender’s details minus the network commission when transferring funds.