Why is it needed and how is the AML // KYC check carried out

Our team protects users during digital asset transactions. Cryptocurrency is often used in illegal schemes and various types of criminal activities. To minimize the likelihood of fraud, clients are screened prior to financial transactions. Thanks to the AML/KYC procedure, law-abiding citizens and company representatives confirm their good intentions.

The ProstoCash system accurately identifies and evaluates existing risks. Transactions are stopped, and then the client is offered to pass verification using the AML and KYC algorithms. We will not go into detail about the principles of the system, we will only note its reliability. It allows you to identify criminals who are involved in money laundering and various scams on the worldwide network.

Owners of the ProstoCash service have the right to make a spot check at the slightest suspicion. Internal security system prevents possible risks. Suspicious individuals, e-mail addresses and residents of some countries are subject to verification. People previously seen in illegal activities are not able to conduct transactions with valuable assets.

AML / KYC procedures are performed by third parties on behalf of the owners of the ProstoCash service. At the same time, confidentiality is guaranteed. Customers are not worried about the safety of personal data. The collected information is passed on to law enforcement officials only in the event of an official request.

Weeding out unwanted visitors has led to the fact that the service is used only by people with an impeccable reputation. Individuals and legal entities involved in money laundering cannot perform transactions with digital assets. The administration always refuses to cooperate with businessmen who manage the funds received as a result of any illegal activity.

Procedure for performing AML and KYC checks

Suspicious activity is automatically detected. If the system detects a threat, the user will receive an emergency notification via email. It must be reported during registration for further communication. People who have fallen under suspicion are required to:

  1. Submit a clear photo of your identity document (driver"s license, passport, etc.).
  2. Disclose the source of income.

Until the end of the mandatory procedure, the "frozen" transaction cannot be completed. If the user follows all the instructions and has no relation to the criminal world, he gets the right to resume operations with valuable assets.

It is strictly forbidden during verification to hide your real data and send pictures of someone else"s passport. The automatic system does not accept counterfeit documents for processing. The submission of false information is followed by the imminent blocking of the account, then the investigation begins. Our specialists can schedule a check at any time if they find signs of fraud.

All users are required to comply with the requirements of the administration as soon as possible. It is necessary to periodically update the data so as not to fall under suspicion. We interrupt cooperation if we receive incomplete, inaccurate or outdated information.

Where to get more information about the ProstoCash system

Our team is working hard to increase the speed and transparency of all procedures. Look for comprehensive information about the services on the website at any convenient time. If you have any questions about how the system works, send an email to help@prostocash.com right now.